Creative Partners: Final Boards

With short a amount of time to get the photos edited and get them into board me and Greta both stopped and University until it closed and then she came back to mine to get the boards finished and we finally submitted to D&AD at 2am.

The process of curating the boards was an extremely long winded process and this was due to the fact we'd took so many photos and we had to find photos that were perfectly lit and shot but also compositions that best demonstrated the concept within just 8 images. This was probably the point in the project were we both had disagreements about what we wanted to include in the boards but through discussion and compromise we management to each an agreement and I couldn't be more happy with the final boards. 

Good is New York City: Final Research Booklet

With the feedback in mind I made some relevant changes based on the feedback I received to enhance many aspects of the booklet my primarily goal with reworking the design was cut down the amount of text used as well as then make this chosen content more personal, specific and relevant. I also wanted to bring the aesthetic of the Humans of New York layout I already created to the rest of the design as this design chose was well received and it makes the content easier to take in and more interesting.

Creative Partners: Photo shoot & Reshoot

So me and Greta has been extremely good at time management throughout this brief and we had booked print slots and booked into wood work a week in advance and always planned our time. We booked into the photo studio the monday before the deadline to give us just over a week to edit the photos and put the boards together. We spent the entire time from 4.30-9.30 doing the photo shoot and making sure we had all the shots we needed. We were rushed and were getting kicked out of college so Greta downloaded the photos to her laptop and we went home. When she came to send me the photos we discovered 80% of the photos we had taken weren't there. We ended up reshooting the photos today with just 3 days to go until the deadline! I remember back to just a week ago when we though our world had ended because we lost the photos but here we are with three days to go we've re shot the photos and we will make the deadline a true testament to Greta's positivity and that anything is possible if you put your mind to it!

YCN Yahoo: Final Boards

YCN Yahoo: iPad Application

I have refined all of  the ideas and concept that I have developed so far into one ideas visual concept that I can present within boards rather then concept being bitty and spread across a range of media and outputs. I have pulled the ideas into one iPad that would be used a the yahoo homepage for the target audience  The app features the same ideas I have developed such as the aggregating of content from the users favourite services as well smarter search which allows users to search all of there social networks. 

YCN Yahoo: In Context

I have placed the ads and website in context of how they would be used across a range of devices as well as how the ads would work on the yahoo sites itself. 

YCN Yahoo: Bookmarklet

To develop the brief and the concept even further I used one of the ideas from my initial range of concepts, which was that yahoo is the starting point for an internet journey. The brief was also asking to make yahoo a popular brand for users, I considered how a services like pintrest  could work with the concept in which user collect, like and gather content like like while on there internet journey and this can then all be collected in there digital yahoo locker. Again maintaining the visual and written metaphors I have been using throughout all of the brief. The services allows users to lock in content to there locker and would come in the form of a bookmarklet as well as buttons site owners could add to their sites.

YCN Yahoo: Developing the Website

To develop the brief further I began to consider how the ads could promote a special modified version of the homepage that is specifically target towards the target market, as well as how this could then be translated across to mobile. I again played around with visual metaphors and used the metaphor of the combination lock, seen in the logo, to form the design and layout for the website. The website works by adding a top section to the top of the existing site which aggregates top news and stories used by the target audience. 

YCN Yahoo: Ads

Using the word play that I had developed throughout my concept development which uses puns related to lockers such as 'combination'.  The communication of the concept is extremely clear through clear, text and clever visual and written metaphor which are also reflected in the simple use of two colours and simple layout. I have developed two forms of ads which work with two of the most popular yahoo ad formats. 

YCN Yahoo: Logo Development

After reviewing the selection of concept I developed, I felt that the Yahoo Locker concept had the most substance as well as relating more to all the key points of the brand as well being the most relevant to the target audience. From here I began to look at developing a logo to associate with the communicate of this concept.  I adapted a range of visual metaphors associated with lockers and combined them into logos. 

These range of logo play on the metaphor of the combination lock found on many lockers. The logo is simple, clear and understandable, it suggests the personalised aspect to concept and brand, it also has scope for movement which could be considered when designed for digital media outputs. 

To further communicate the locker concept I have placed a key hole within the O which suggests a locker but also a key, as the locker concept is also about unlocking your identity and unlocking your digital locker. 

The letters are connected together to suggest the connected services that yahoo offer, but it doesn't communicate much of the 'locker' concept.

I have combined the two ideas together but the logo seems crowded and confusing. 

A logo that links with the creation of a yahoo email address links with the goal of the brief to get new users to starting using yahoo mail, however this logo doesn't provide longevity to brand in the future, however this could be included in other artwork. 

YCN Yahoo: Concept Generation

I have been using a process throughout most of module on the course in which I create mind maps to map out the brief, key ideas and requirement and develop concepts from here which directly relate to the content of the brief. I initially mapped out the key components of the yahoo brand, the goals of the brief and the services that yahoo offers. From here I started to work on developing three concepts that would communicate this to my target audience. 

Yahoo locker is based on the idea that most of the target will be school attenders and at school every student has there own locker in which they keep everything that is important to them. I have adpated this idea to consider how locker could be seen as there digital alternative to there locker at school. You start you day at your locker, you start your internet journey at Your locker is everything you care about, yahoo is the provider or aggregator of the services you love. 

Instagram is a growing services used by the target market, not the most popular but still a significant proportion. I have developed a concept in which yahoo would like a snapshot of target audiences digital life. The yahoo homepage is a 'snapshot' of the things they care about. 

The brief states that yahoo is just the starting point, but the starting point to what? Yahoo could be seen as the start of an internet journey that you take everyday. This also ties in with the idea target audience still like to discover, play and find out new stuff on the internet and yahoo can facilitate this 'journey'. 

YCN Yahoo: Re-Written Brief

I have decided to give myself a week to work on this Yahoo brief throughout reading, I hadn't considered the YCN brief for some time however after an studio visit to a local leeds based studio I felt this brief was appropriate in working on certain, especially when working for digital media outputs.

I have re-written the brief to outline the key points and ensure my approach is focused and I am fulfilling the key requirements of the brief however I also want to push the brief further to not only suit the needs of the brief but also to tailor it to my development as a designer.  Therefore rather than just create online ads I am also going to consider how yahoo could  designs its homepage to be more fitting to the target audience of 13-18 years olds.

Good is New York City: Concept Crit 1

Feedback Received:
This crit was run by a member of staff and we were in small groups in which we each had to present out ideas within three minutes and we then had time for feedback, a few people were missing from our session which actually benefited us as it meant we all got more to discuss and talk though our ideas. I presented my three concept which I felt were all received. However after discussion with the group it became apparent that the packaging concept was not that strong, for many reasons, many because people don't need to buy glasses as they already own them furthermore some may want to buy a pair of glasses but the guide may not be relevant to them. However it was suggested that the idea of making the information relevant to each person and selecting key information to present to the audience was a strong idea and could be brought into another concept. People within the crit group also liked the publication idea but it didn't have any lasting value especially as pages are torn out and then lost it just didn't seem a practical piece of print to produce, I agreed with these points raised. Perhaps my most well received idea was the app concept everyone felt that it was a new and interesting idea and a great way to present this other mundane and laborious amounts of information about new york it also makes the information more interesting to intake. To sum up the feedback I received I think as a group we were in agreement that I should take elements from each of my initial concepts and bring them together into one concept with a primary focus on the application concept.

Moving Forward:

  • Develop a solid concept taking the best bits of each concept I have created 
  • Present this final concept within the next crit 

Good is New York City: Concept Pitch 1

Concept 1: A New York Tourist Publication 
For this first concept pitch we were asked to develop a range of lear three concepts in response to our defined brief. My first concept is based on an idea that I had from the initial start to project. The concept is essentially a publication which works like a tourist guide which different information about the city of New York however what makes it unique, personal and special is that it has pullout which you tear out of the publication with tid bits of information on about the city. These little pull out will come in various different formats, stocks and textures but the primary concept behind the design is that the publication appear like a journal of someone who has already visited New York. And these little pull out will come in form of napkins, business, leaflet things that people collect on their travels. 

Concept 2: An App
My second concept is about turning all of the unique information I have gathered about New York and turning it into a way finding application. So that rather than someone having to read through a tourist guide the information is delivered to them as they explore the city and relevant content is shown as you navigate through the city. The app would work by using the camera and augmented reality and information would be projected ono the scene the user is seeing through the camera.

Concept 3: Packaging of glasses
My final concept works on more of a gimmick basis and it is essentially a series of packaged glasses which relate to different types of tourists or people exploring the city and each pair of glasses would come accompanied with a tourist guide which was relevant to them and their interests based on the type of glasses that they purchased. This concept has been developed around the idea that a tourist guide is made to suit everyone tastes but it can be hard for the individual to find the information they are actually interested in and this would solve that problem by presenting the user with only the information that interests them. 

Creative Partners: Bag net & Design

To accompany the perfume series, we also wanted to create a limited edition bag that would be used to sell and promote the perfume, as the perfume would be marketed as a limited edition range available only at L'Artisan Parfumeur having an bag designed specifically for the perfume create more excitement around the perfume collection. The net had to be split over two A2 sheets in order for it to be printed and the net is then attached together with tabs, the design makes use of the branding for the perfume collections rather than the branding for the individual perfumes. 

Creative Partners: Final Nets for Printing

While I've been working on the exterior design of the packaging Greta has been working the perforated patterns for the exterior and the interior patterns, once she had complete this I compiled this with my work to get the documents ready print. 

Creative Partners: Packaging Net & Design

Using the dimensions of the bottles I was able to work out the dimensions needed for the packaging as well as build up the net around this. I have tackled many packaging briefs before and creating this packaging was fairly simple process using simple tabs to create openings and closing for the boxes. The final chosen colour scheme for each of the perfumes are also displayed above, they work well both individually and a tonal series. 
As well as the main net being constructed from a thick card stock we also needed a layer of acetate to sit beneath this so that when the perforated pieces of the packaging are removes the bottle revealed underneath but it is also there so that the packaging doesn't simple fall apart. 
Furthermore the net also needed a holder for the bottle to sit in so that it was stable within the larger outer box, this was also fairly simple to construct, it would also provide a snug and tight for the bottle to sit within. 

I experimented with the layout of elements within packaging design, I used the principle and elements that I had already been working with as well as looking at potential secondary fonts to use for other type on the packaging. I came up with a range of layout but ultimately me and greta decided to just have the bare minimal requirements and elements on the packaging as the main focus of the packaging should be the perforation and we don't want each design clutter getting in the way of the concept we decided to keep the side plain and keep to minimal text. 

Creative Partners: Design Specifications

Because of my pervious experience with product design at A Level I created a series of specification sheets which Greta could use when we goes to get the wood cut and laser cut. The specification also explain what we are trying to achieve so that the wood department know exactly what we want to achieve.

Good is New York City: Final Rewritten Brief

I have decided to re-write my brief to more closely reflect the type of outcome I want to produce for this brief as well as needing to rewrite the brief to better reflect the type of content that I have researched and how this will form an integral part of the outcomes of the brief.

Creative Partners: Bottle Design

Although I was fairly certain we would use the Giorgio Sans typeface I had been working I did experiment with a few other fonts which I considered when looking at the design of the bottle however ultimately the Giorgio sans font was the most successful and work well on the bottle. Splitting the name across the materials again shows this contradiction. Through the designs I am creating I am using the concept to influence the way in which I work and they way I think about putting designs together. 

Creative Partner: Further Design Development

As I moved forward with the design of the packaging I wanted to focus further on how the contradiction name of the set of fragrances was going to be communicated. Using the same principle as before and using this contrast between letters to show contradiction this time instead used letter spacing to create a contradiction between the words of the name which are heavy expanded and this is contrasted with heavily condensed spacing. I explores a range of layout but the simpler layouts worked better and the added type on other became to complex and the concept was getting lost in the design. 
I also started looking at contradictory colour palettes which could be used by Greta for the patterns within the interior of the packaging, we didn't want to use both colour as this would to harsh against the stark white therefore I looked into a range of pastel tones. We also a unique tonal palette for each perfume which was identifiable as well as relatable to the perfume name and smell. 


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