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Good is New York City: Concept Crit 2

The crit was run the same way in which the previous crit was run with the same people and we were each allotted 3 minutes each with 2 minutes discussion to present our ideas. When it came to me I had such a lot to say about my application and explain that I ran over my time so I had to speed things to get through it all as at this stage with out much visuals I needed to explain everything to communicate the concept.

The final concept was well received and I received positive, the feedback mainly came in the form of validation of what I had produced for the crit. I think the main emphasis of the feedback was making sure I time manage the product well in order to get everything done. The name I had chosen was also well received which I'm happy about as naming things is something I always struggle with and spend way to much time doing but I'm glad this name works!

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