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YCN Yahoo: Concept Generation

I have been using a process throughout most of module on the course in which I create mind maps to map out the brief, key ideas and requirement and develop concepts from here which directly relate to the content of the brief. I initially mapped out the key components of the yahoo brand, the goals of the brief and the services that yahoo offers. From here I started to work on developing three concepts that would communicate this to my target audience. 

Yahoo locker is based on the idea that most of the target will be school attenders and at school every student has there own locker in which they keep everything that is important to them. I have adpated this idea to consider how locker could be seen as there digital alternative to there locker at school. You start you day at your locker, you start your internet journey at Your locker is everything you care about, yahoo is the provider or aggregator of the services you love. 

Instagram is a growing services used by the target market, not the most popular but still a significant proportion. I have developed a concept in which yahoo would like a snapshot of target audiences digital life. The yahoo homepage is a 'snapshot' of the things they care about. 

The brief states that yahoo is just the starting point, but the starting point to what? Yahoo could be seen as the start of an internet journey that you take everyday. This also ties in with the idea target audience still like to discover, play and find out new stuff on the internet and yahoo can facilitate this 'journey'. 

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