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Creative Partners: Packaging Net & Design

Using the dimensions of the bottles I was able to work out the dimensions needed for the packaging as well as build up the net around this. I have tackled many packaging briefs before and creating this packaging was fairly simple process using simple tabs to create openings and closing for the boxes. The final chosen colour scheme for each of the perfumes are also displayed above, they work well both individually and a tonal series. 
As well as the main net being constructed from a thick card stock we also needed a layer of acetate to sit beneath this so that when the perforated pieces of the packaging are removes the bottle revealed underneath but it is also there so that the packaging doesn't simple fall apart. 
Furthermore the net also needed a holder for the bottle to sit in so that it was stable within the larger outer box, this was also fairly simple to construct, it would also provide a snug and tight for the bottle to sit within. 

I experimented with the layout of elements within packaging design, I used the principle and elements that I had already been working with as well as looking at potential secondary fonts to use for other type on the packaging. I came up with a range of layout but ultimately me and greta decided to just have the bare minimal requirements and elements on the packaging as the main focus of the packaging should be the perforation and we don't want each design clutter getting in the way of the concept we decided to keep the side plain and keep to minimal text. 

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