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Good is New York City: Research Boards & Crit 1

  • Interesting and thought provoking
  • Imagery is eye catching
  • Good use and amount of text
  • Good range of image based research
  • Variation and range of products researched
  • 'Nice' layout, presentable and professional
  • Strong use of the grid
  • Good, simple, clean layout, good use of white space
  • Useful that the information is broken down into separate categories

Possible areas for improvement
  • Reduce the amount of body copy in areas of the boards, this will maintain balance throughout the boards
  • Number the boards
  • Play around with the layout, it seems a bit dull to you usually do
  • Label images along side them
  • Check punctuation and spelling
  • Image could all line up along the bottom
  • Consider legibility of type when positioning it over images
  • Consider how use of bold and regular affects how the text is read by the reader

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