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OUGD503 Creative Partners

Partner: Greta Madline
Chosen Brief: D&AD L'artisan Parfumeur 

Why have you chosen to work with your partner and what are your aims?
I have chosen to work with Greta Madline, for number of reasons I think we are a good fit and we work together well which has been demonstrated and tested through working together throughout the Life's a Pitch PPP brief, although I've chosen to work with her again I don't this is a bad thing as we have particularly worked together creatively before as the PPP brief was more about business than design. I think me and Greta will be a good creative duo as we before come from different backgrounds in terms of our lives and how we work creatively. Since starting this degree my way of working has changed dramatically and I've moved more and more away from exploring analog methods of creativity like I did at A Level I think working with Greta will allow me to returns to this way of working and thinking and this something Greta is extremely good at and focuses on within much of her work. Me and Greta also work in different ways which I think will make for a healthy designing environment as we bring different skills to the table, furthermore Great is very 'crazy' and I mean this in the nicest possible way but I think I can calm her and down and together we can focus and take these ideas and make them into something workable and realistic.

What are your specific areas of creative interest within this brief?
Me and Greta have decided that most appropriate and relevant brief for us to engage with is he D&AD brief from L'artisan Parfumeur and this brief entails the production of packaging for a new series of perfumes to be launched by the brand. Specifically I want to focus on being more innovative with my design practice, I've very focused towards digital design and print but I want to get back to exploring other methods of image making and solutions to a problems, which I feel I can do with this brief as it's asking for something new original for the perfume market. I also have a strong passion for packaging, it's something I explored throughout A Level studies and continued on into my first year of this degree therefore I feel have a degree of speciality tailored towards this brief.

What specific design skills do you have to offer in relation to your chosen brief? How do you intend to use them?
As I mentioned before I've done a lot of work within the area of packaging design, I therefore feel I have an certain amount of knowledge when designing for this format, as I can visually work with nets and construct them but also consider how the audience will interact with the final 3D package. I intend to bring this skills to the brief and also improve upon them through experimentation and process. I also think I have the ability to create high quality finishes within the products I produce which I think is essential to presenting the final design solution to client. 

What specific non-design skills do you have to offer in relation to your chosen brief? How do you intend to use them?
On a personal level I'm able to keep Great under control, Greta is a very extrovert and creative person and often becomes overwhelmed with creativity but I know how to engage with her to get the most out of her ideas and make them into something feasible and relevant to the brief. I also think I'm a good team player and work colaboratively and comprise on design decision and making the best decisions for the brief. Furthermore I'm good at time management, so therefore I will be able to successfully manage our time as a partnership to be the most productive we can be with the time we have as a partnership. 

What will your specific roles be in the collaboration in relation to your brief?
I think I will mostly be taking the roles of making things look professional and finishing them to a high quality within boards and mock ups whereas I think greta will be more suited towards idea generation and conceptualisation, conversely I think I will also looking at how the concept can be applied across product range and how it can be distributed. 

What will your individual responsibilities be in relation to your brief?
Initially I think we have both agreed that we are going make this a shared experience rather than a separate experience. We are going to spend as much time together as possible and really work together as a team however in terms of roles I think I will be in charge of making sure we are on track and on schedule. I will be responsible for the digital production of work such as photoshop mock ups where as Greta will be more geared towards the production of 3D elements and moving images aspects of the brief. 

What will your joint responsibilities be?
Our joint responsibilities I think will entail always ensuring that we are true to the brief and we speak our mind in terms of the work we are producing, which I think we will do as we are comfortable saying this to each other. Furthermore we are responsible for dedicating our time to the brief and finding time around other module and briefs to work on this brief. We will both be responsible for all aspects of the briefs outcome neither of us will be working on our own we will be working together through all of the design decisions and production of design that we engage in. 

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