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Design For Print & Web: Final Logos

My final logo is present in three forms, this is the plain Takeover logo, the Takeover+1 logo and then Takeover HD logo, these logo will be used to brand the channel through print and web. However a series of other logos have been created to brand the individual types of takeover that happen on the channel. 

The concept of the channel name Takeover is that the format and presentation of programming is presented to the auidence is the format of different types of takeovers. 

There are four main takeovers. The first Takeover is Genre takeover, this is when the channel shows a series of programming from a set genre for a set period of time, the genres will be one of the four genres shown on the channel drama, soap, reality and film. 

The second takeover is Weekend takeover which is when on tv shows takeover over the weekend and that show is shown all weekend long. 

Third there is a star takeover which is when a celebrity takes over for a period of time on the channel and for example they would pick their top 6 episodes from the show in which they star in.

Finally there is Youtakeover which is the way in which the auidence will have direct control over what they watch, this will work by the channel giving the auidence two shows to choose from each day, the audience then have all day to vote via twitter using hashtags the show with the most votes will be shown.  

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