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Design For Print & Web: Colour Exploration

After the crit the area of feedback I received and area of discussion that happened within the crit was regarding my colour choices. Although I was only considering green at this stage it was suggested that this colour simply didn't work and it wasn't strong, bold or confident. However many of those in the crit liked the red however I wasn't happy with using the red in it's current state as my researched showed many channels use red and my designs looked very much like comedy central, more so I have used the red with white. So in light of this feedback I started an investigation as to what colours could work, with these goals in mind - a colour that is strong and bold, I can be masculine but must not alienate women, these goal are in line with the channels target auidence specified in the brief. I've spent at least 12 hours working through hundred, literally hundred of colour palettes and colours. I decided to work late in the studio so that I could have easy access to my peers to get there consistent feedback throughout the process of choosing the colour.

It was extremely difficult to find a colour and this was for many reasons, firstly the colour needed to be readable against a white background and against images as this is how intend to use the logo and colour scheme. Many of the I tested didn't worked when placed against background images. Also many of the colours didn't have the power and boldness that a shade of red provides, but I wanted to stay away from red, it's just not innovate enough within the world of TV design.

Through further investigation of colour I finally a neon like green that seemed to work across both images and against a white background, peer feedback also suggested that the colour worked well, However when I translated the colour into CYMK which would be needed it appeared completely different as to its presentation in RGB.

As you can see the colours are drastically different between CYMK and RGB therefore I can't consider using this colour because I need to be able to print the colour in order to make my print components for the brief. 

I finally decided on the colour purple which I felt worked well against the images as backgrounds and the colour works well with white and grey when other text is being used. My only concern with the colour is that it is slightly similar to E4 but E4 is a much brighter purple whereas the purple I have chosen is a lot darker. The colours works as it a colour that I feel is both masculine and feminine, the darkness of the colour also makes it bold and powerful. 

Final chosen colour in the context of the TV channel format and layout

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