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Design For Print & Web: An Added Concept

I feel like I have a pretty solid concept with the copy of 'Take back control 10.02.13' which I am now also using a my slogan within some of the branding on the channel, but I wanted to expand upon this concept so that all of my printed didn't look exactly the same and communicate the same message. This is why I have expanded upon this concept and added a slightly different visual aesthetic to compliment the existing aesthetic. The slogan is still used with the design but plays less of a central role, I have chosen to still incorporate the slogan as this creates continuity between the products even those with slightly different aesthetics. The concept's aesthetics is based around a sort of hacking visual style and also the old fashioned computers. The copy opens with 'This is an interrupted transmission' here I have used TV language but presented in how an old computer would have text written in lines, and this is because it's based on hacking and hacking is about taking control which is what the brand is about. Takeover, take back control and the date then follows in the same pixelated, hacker style.

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