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Three Promotional Items: Feedback

Questions I wanted to be answered in the crit

  • Is the yellow type and imagery working against the photographic background?
  • Is the smaller type readable and legible? Especially when the white type is set against the yellow background
  • How do you interact with the leaflet? Do you read the front and the back before opening it?
  • Does the vertical format of Abandoned work effectively or it is confusing? 
  • Is it clear that the "22/06" is the date for the event?
  • Does the design aesthetic convey a urban look and feel to you? Do you also get a feeling/emotion of abandonment when looking at the imagery? 
  • Inverted text on the flyer is strong - works well and is eye catching
  • Flyer is the strongest product, however stock could be better
  • Small type is readable and you do read the leaflet in the intended way
  • Perspective of poster works well, you feel part of the street
  • Text stands out and is clear against the background
  • Simple design, works and is fit for purpose
  • Vertical format is effective and striking
  • Strong sense of abandoned theme through use of photographs, minimalist type and content 
Areas for Improvement
  • Body text on inside of flyer could be black to further improve legibility, the white is not so easy to read
  • If date, include the year to provide more context and make it more obvious
  • Box is slightly off centre on the flyer - check alignment
  • Is the photo on the lanyard supposed to be upside down?
  • Some text is hard to read like the 'HSTR' within the word 'high street' on the poster
  • Could have a more clear format for the date on the flyer 
  • A drop shadow or darker yellow could maybe make the type even more clear ( Drop shadow, High diffusion, 20% transparency)
  • Print quality could be improved clear signs of banding
Moving Forward
  • I have received some very valuable feedback within this crit, areas I intend to focus on in the future is legibility, the key principle of the graphic design, I need to put this ahead of what I think 'looks good' and make sure that all text is clear and readable
  •  'Drop shadow, High diffusion, 20% transparency' this was interesting and valuable to me as often within my work I overlay text on top of images and this could dramatically improve the readability of my type - I will defiantly be trying in my next project where appropriate
  • Alignment and print quality are all due to printing on my at home printer, these are factors that I always ensure are above standard when I print professionally or with James. 
  • Also just considering the context of the item / graphic product, everybody knows 22/06/12 is date so use this format to aid communication rather than to confuse. 

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