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Stamp It: Evaluation

Systematic Approach
This is based on systematic collection and modification of components, characteristics and means of expression, such as by structuring and restructuring, enlarging and reducing, combining and extracting, replacing, adding, mirroring or reproducing.

Stimulated Approach
This is a conscious or subconscious search for inspiration from an external repertoire in the surroundings, media, in discussion, libraries etc. The main concern is with the development of analogies and associative approaches, which are then further developed into individual solutions.

Intuitive Approach
This is the development of the thought process which is primarily based on internalised perceptions and knowledge, that is to say an internal repertoire. This type of thought process may occur spontaneously without being evoked specially. This is actually a systematic process that take place subconsciously.

The first process I always begin with after receiving any brief is to begin mind mapping my own ideas that have occurred from reading the content of the brief, this would be classed as an intuitive approach to the brief as I am using my internal repertoire of knowledge and to the manipulate and find the knowledge appropriate to the brief, this information is then collected together on paper in the form of a map which places knowledge together under certain reference points. The way in which I begin to think about ideas, then leads my brain to spontaneously create new meaning and ideas as part of the process. As a direct result of the this I then use a systematic and stimulated approach to begin research on the brief. I used an external repertoire of information, mainly the internet to gained further knowledge about the ideas I have developed myself and to also develop new ideas as result of new found knowledge. The systematic approach takes place in that I am viewing a number of websites and sources and I read, evaluate and process this information as I go though it, I am then manipulating this information to advantage to encourage the ideation process for the brief, I am adding and taking bits away from the information I am finding to make it appropriate and relevant to brief. For example my research process involved looking a series of environmental issue as I used the internet I found information and placed it under the relevant categories of information. I again used a systematic approach when it cam to my initial design, using the knowledge I have gather I began to reformat this information into visual ideas which communicate the written information as well combining this knowledge with my own ideas generated as a response to the brief. After developing a series of initial design I begin to consider and evaluate which designs are working and which are less successful and begin to consider which ideas I will develop further this process would be an intuitive process as I am using my own repertorie to asses the quality of my designs. I again use a systematic approach to my designs when working digitally and I am manipulating components considered within the initial design change but working with them in different ways to experiment with how they communicate my intended message.

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